Trick Daddy Responds To The Backlash About Black Women Needs To ‘Tighten Up’ Post On Facebook.


The backlash from Trick’s ignorant ass statements on the gram with the constant use of verbal garbage of bitches and hoes on the gram. Stuck a nerve with the rapper.

A few days ago  Trick Daddy told  black women to step  their  game up.

“These Spanish, these white hoes they are starting to get finer than a motherfucker. Ya’ll black hoes better tighten up… Ya’ll doing all that extra shit for nothin’. You not achieving nothing bitch.. You getting your ass and titties done  just to got to a local club. These Spanish and White hoes are getting spiffy. They learn how to fry chicken and yall gonna be useless.” ….”

Before I continue with my post. How in the fuck are people going to take you seriously when you are demean women and referring to them as dogs?    Hoes.. Trick is not in that great of condition he should be getting his soul right and showing some respeck on these E-streets. Stop referring to these women as hoes  and pull your pants up and act your age. Got damn it.

Trick Daddy tries to clear up this mess on social media. The rapper also remove his post from the gram.

Maurice Young 

The majority of the hoes who are mad about my video didn’t even see the damn video.. and they probably are single and miserable and looking for somebody to blame .. real women know who they are,what they are and what they stand for SO FUCK WHAT A RANDOM BITCH WITH TOO MUCH TIME ON HER HAND HAS TO SAY .. you hoes are followers ..Bitches who wanna be down with what’s trending .. I’ve had lupus for over 15 yrs some of you wasn’t even in elementary school yet .. but to use that as a joke and condemn me …BITCH EAT A DICK ..and get out yo feelings cause I’m heartless Hoe.



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