Ha.. Mary J. Blige Opens Her Concerts With Headlines of Kendu’s $129K Alimony Ask.


Poor Kenunu….

Mary is not putting no respeck on Kendu’s names on these streets.  Kendu is working overtime to make sure he gets his coins from Mary. Did I say working? Ha… More like begging and pleading to continue to live the good life on Mary’s expense after their divorce.

Mary remains the bigger person and use this ongoing drama for her music, The singer puts Kendu’s mooching ass on blast during her performance.

On her current “King and Queen of Hearts” tour with R&B  singer Maxwell. Mary J. Blige is opening her shows with photos of tabloid headlines from her divorce drama.

Her estranged ex, Kendu Isaacs, says that such public displays are a “campaign to destroy” his reputation, “shame” him, and financially suffocate him” in his quest to get more than $129,000 per month from Blige in alimony.

In other words Mary told Kendu go “Diddy bop” his ass to the unemployment line.

Image result for diddy and total dance

Image result for get a job gif chris tucker

Image result for get a job gif chris tucker


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