Boyz II Men’s Michael McCary Reveals He Has Multiple Sclerosis/ Sums Up His Feelings of Ex-Bandmates Boys II Men On Iyanla: Fix My Life | OWN.


Michael McCary opened up about battling multiple sclerosis  and how the disease strained his relationship with the group, on Iyanla Fix My Life  Saturday (Oct. 29).

McCary has been battling the disorder  — which affects the brain and spinal chord– for more than 20 years, but never opened up until the show. “It sent me into like a depression,” he admitted.

“When I first saw of the ailments start to happen, it was like little back spasms at first and it would get stronger and stronger,” continued McCary. “Once I was about 22, it started going full scale.”

Doctors told McCary that a  “locked” nerve in his back  could potentially sever and leave him paralyzed.

The health battle subsequently caused his broken relationship with group members, Nathan and Wayne Morris, and Shawn Stockman. McCary claims that after working “300 days out of every year for over 15 years,” the group chose to go on without him when the diagnosis came to light.

“I want to get over the hurt and abandonment that I feel from the group that I’ve been with for so long and gave my life to,” he said. “I want to be able to go in a room with them and not feel like I want to choke them

Watch below..


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