Double Stories: Scottie & Larsa Pippen Battle Royale Over Fortune & Prenup/ Larsa Pippen’s 2nd 911 Call for Alleged Domestic Violence.

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If you missed the previous stories click Here and Here to read.

Here is an update on this unfortunate situation with the Pipens.

Scottie and Larsa are battling out for the $50 million fortune.

According to TMZ Sports, Scottie and Larsa agree on one thing … they both signed a prenup in 1997, which clearly benefits Scottie. Larsa says the prenup went out the window one year ago this month, when both she and Scottie agreed to nullify it.

There are other conflicts … Scottie wants to move their 4 kids from Florida to Chicago. She wants them to stay put.

And Larsa wants spousal support, the family home, tuition for their kids’ private schools and other stuff.

In similar news listen to Larsa’s 911 call.

The NBA legend’s wife called Fort Lauderdale PD on Oct. 4, and this time she was more defiant and insisted police come to their home because he was breaking things.
As we reported … her first 911 call was made as Scottie stood next to Larsa, telling her to cancel the call for help. The second time around, Larsa is by herself, crying and providing details about the alleged incident.



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