Kehlani Puts Black Blogs On Blast.



Before I drag “Key Lo Lo” back to where she belongs..

First of all  let me say Good Morning folks…

Kehlani puts the Black Blogs on blast for  covering the Soulja Boy and Lil Yachty and not real media  and not talking about the news and black lives matter.

Who in the hell made her the dictator on what Black Blogs should cover  on their platform?

I guess she  felt that “I’m woke” spirit on her. Cute though….

Image result for k michelle shook gif


Let me school Ms.Thing about this blog will quickly.

I have seen countless of blogs from The Jasmine Brand, Official Celeb Gozzip, Gig On That, Baller Alert, The YBF and more speak about the police brutality and issues in the African American Community. If I forgot some blogs post in the comment section.So catch that tea…

Secondly, These artists are going to get enough about trashing black media and audience in general. Look at Nate Parker and his new MOVIE flopped.

I have include my receipts click HereHere, Here, Here, Here, Here and that’s just only of few of them.

So what were you saying Key Lo Lo… Nothing!



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