Ray Allen Retires From The NBA At Age 41.

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Ray Allen, a star for the Bucks, Sonics (now the Thunder), Celtics and Heat, announced his official retirement from the NBA on Tuesday. Allen, 41, walked away from the game after the 2014 Finals, but occasionally surfaced in reports regarding a potential comeback with a contender.

He also post this on the gram.

trayfourYes it is time!!! I did have a great run!!!! I wanna take this opportunity to thank everyone who has every supported me in my life. You all know who you are. There are so many people that have made my life up to this point so special. (My mom, dad, Kim Kristie, Talisha, John, Shannon) to name a few. So many people that have given me the tools to be successful and ultimately play 18 years in the NBA. I don’t even know where to begin. What I do know is, I had some great moments and you all were apart of them and I thank you all for that!!! It was a privilege and an honor to play this game and I only hope I left it in a better place. #UCONN #Milwaukee#Seattle #Boston #Miami



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