Blind Item…. Sounds like Mariah Carey And James Packer.

Image result for mariah carey 2016

[Blind Gossip] Are you wondering who is leaking the private correspondence between this singer and her former big fish fiance?

It’s the singer herself!

Why is she doing this? Because she thinks this embarrassment will force open his wallet.

The real reason she is going after his money is quite interesting… and is a completely different story from what you are reading in the media!

The story you are reading in the news (that she wants to be compensated for moving cross country) is bogus.

What really happened was that she was negotiating with [Her Ex Husband] to finalize their divorce. The last number I heard was around $30 million. Anyway, [Her Fiance] told her, “Hey,  just pay out whatever you have to and don’t worry about the money because we’re going to be married soon and the $30 million will seem like nothing.” So she paid out this huge settlement to [Her Ex Husband] because she thought she had this new marriage all sewed up. Then he broke up with her.


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