Team Twirl…Kenya Moore Opens Up About Her Dramatic Relationship With Matt Jordan During Interview With Entertainment Tonight.


Kenya is currently promoting new season of ‘RHOA’ and talks about Matt Jordan.

During the interview Kenya has this to say about Matt Jordan.

“We definitely go through a very turbulent time in our relationship,” she tells ET. “He’s 16 years my junior, so it presents a whole set of problems that I’ve never encountered before.”

“I think that what you’ll see is me being in love,” Kenya continues, “and having a great man in my life, but the man is a 29-year-old who still has issues with expressing himself in a positive way, fighting fair when you do get into arguments, and just dealing with a woman who’s so much more seasoned and experienced than you, and also successful.”

Kenya calls all of this “a setback,” and confesses she’s put having children via in vitro fertilization on hold because of it. She told ET earlier this year she would attempt to get pregnant between filming season eight and season nine.


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