Tamar Braxton Defends Her Son Against Cruel Social Media Comments.


So social media has so many e-doctors now.

A “fan” of Tamar overstep her boundaries by falsely diagnosing Tamar’s son Logan with a speech problems. This is a sensitive subject matter seeing how Toni Braxton’s oldest son  diagnosed with autism. Anyway, Tamar went the phuck off and rightfully so.  There is nothing wrong with speech therapy but some fans need to stay in their lane.

  • tamarbraxton@lipstickandframes_ bitch don’t try it. Not with Logan. Call me a hater or petty or whatever they saying today..that I care NOTHING about …But say NOTHING about my child.
  • lipstickandframes_@tamarbraxton i didn’t know speech therapy was an insult. like i said my daughter had it & she’s 6 now & speaks & reads above grade level. she had it at 2 years old suggested by her daycare teacher. had i reacted how you are i would have missed out. man it hurts to hear someone i watch faithfully on tv & buy your albums call me a bitch…. smh
  • tamarbraxtonOh and WHILE I’m pumped… Can your 3 year old count to 20 in Spanish? Know how to spell his/her name? Know what city they live in? Know how to call and pick up their iPhone? And know his abc’s? Count to 100? Chile if u don’t STOP giving me suggestions on how to raise my chile.. Go play in traffic. There is NO “friendly” advise when it comes to how I raise MY child that u know NOTHING about. But… God bless you😬 @whoeverhasanythingelsetosay
  • lipstickandframes_& i never insulted her parenting! kids needing speech coaching doesn’t mean they have bad parents. but ok….
  • tamarbraxton@lipstickandframes_ is that a threat? 😐That because you watch my shows and listen to my music you get tell me maybe he needs speech class?????…..better yet From a STRANGER about their child that you would not have that reaction?? Well then don’t watch my shows or buy whatever I’m selling cause we are all fine and cool UNTIL you come for LOGAN VINCENT HERBERT! … I accept your apology. Love ya back😘
  • lipstickandframes_@tamarbraxton i’ve never threatened anyone in my life lol. & I’m not a public figure so idk how i would react to a stranger suggesting my child get speech therapy which is why i’m not offended by that part. it hit the pit of my stomach when her daycare teacher suggested it. but we both loved it in the end which is why i didn’t see it as an insult. it was the name calling that thru me off. but it’s all good. & he’s adorable none the less. y’all be blessed!
  • tamarbraxton@lipstickandframes_ it’s NEVER ok to give your opinion on someone’s child. Public figure or the public! I’m just saying… He was getting chastised. So if he hit him… Put him in the corner it’s child abuse. Kids don’t want to be chastised so they act like they don’t know what’s going on. Just so u know as offended you were by me saying “bitch” please know I was JUST as offended by your assessment on MY child. We cool tho. 🙌🏽 I swear this will Be the last time I share a family bonding time with y’all…🙄
  • tamarbraxton❤️💦… But his butt STILL don’t listen😩


tamarbraxton….so in my@therealmaryjblige voice KISS MY ASS!!😩😂🎯




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