Tamar Braxton Apologizes Over Incident Dealing With A Fan Criticizing Her Son Logan.

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On Friday night Tamar Braxton and a “fan” exchanged words on the gram. Because a fan over step her boundaries by suggesting Logan to take speech therapy. Mama bear Tay Tay was not trying to hear it. Click Here if you missed that.

tamarbraxtonI WOKE UP from a sick nap and thought about things. And I truly, humbly apologize if I hurt anyone’s feelings by poppin off..I am mama bear!!! And honestly, although I STILL feel that comment about Logan wasn’t necessary, I want You who said it and everyone else to know that name calling to anyone isn’t nice, and getting words twisted and being misunderstood never feels good to anyone. In or out of the public eye. Please know that my actions and sensitivity as a human and a mother is ALWAYS on defense!! Because I first hand, experience words and situations being twisted ALL the time and it is sometimes VERY frustrating!! So for me to react the same way that I sometimes get treated is just wrong. So I now ask please, whomever in my LIFE (because I see it also means posts ) that If I offended or hurt you no matter who it is in Anyway…. Please forgive me. I’m a work in progress and I’m human😊 I love and respect you all and giving it is getting it. ❤️



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