Like Mother, Like Daughter Blac Chyna’s Mom Toyko Toni Has Some Words For Wendy Williams As Well.

Ms. Toyko reminds folks on social media don’t come for her daughter Blac Chyna. In other words put some respeck on Blac Chyna’s name.

Yesterday, Blac Chyna went the phuck off on Wendy Williams  for disrespecting her Rob K. over his weight. Blac loves thickum Rob. That’s her man!

It’s not a secret Toyko Toni and Wendy Williams do not get along!

In fact if you missed the previous show down click Here to read.

This time Toyko threatens legal matter against Wendy Williams.

See when you rich and have $ you don’t care if people doff you out or your name!! Bitch I am climbing!! So Imma climb on your head and pocketbook in COURT!! I will be in NEW YORK on Monday !!! I am suing you @wendyshow!! You fucking my money up- and giving me physical health problems ” Anxiety and depression! Harrassment etc!! It’s hendering my job etc!! My money is being stopped due to my health! I have to be in the state you are in so New York it is! Yes I am suing you and your show of defamation of my character!!! I have asked you to stop it and you haven’t!! Okay cool!! ” Get your lawyers together! Here I come ” so help me God on my dead mother!!!!!!!! New York court Monday Morning!!!! @wendyshow to reach me ***-**-****!!! #Sistas#blackonblackhate #fakesistasnotreal.#Icantfocus #harrassment. LEAVE ME ALONE BITCH!!!!!!! Now ! Before I come to tour show and sit and wait with a bible and prayer oil!!!!! Leave me alone Wendy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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