Amber Rose Gets Her Son Sebastian A Pedicure And A Manicure Says “Fuck Gender Roles”.

I sometimes wonder if Amber does some things for attention on social media.
Amber Rose shows her handsome son choosing what color nail polish he wants for his pedicure and manicure on the gram.
Amber left this interesting post in the caption.
  • amberrosePumpkin nails with Mr Skully Bones 🎃#HalloweenisNeverOveratOurHouse We encourage our children to paint, draw and be creative so why block them from their creativity when it comes to self expression? Fuck society standards and gender roles! Let your children be great! 😍


Let’s just say social media is not here for it!

  • princeloyalwiz u condone this??
    • mugga__masonAre you fuckin serious you dumb bitch you Dnt fuckin deserve to raise a boy you fuckin dumb whore@amberrose @wiz prolli mad af you doin dis dumb shit and posting it I hope ya son grow up the right way I pray
    • upscaleluxuriesAin’t no dam way a BOY needs run around with polished nails! What the hell is wrong with this dam world omg
      • tearsofinkShit crazy she going to have that lil boy comparing himself to little girls getting his toes and hands done..shit is and attention be having these women doing goofy ass shit talking about let a child be great ..I guess as long as you put a nice quote behind it that makes it understandable..smh.. she grooming a homosexual mindset..wiz got to get his jit
      • omg_itsjohnkennedyYour so stupid for making this little boy paint his nails, this is how spirit of gay and feminism comes in and at the end of the day he would wanna be a transgender or a gay be careful what you make children do affects them later when they are grown

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