Porsha Williams And Dish Nation Responds To Nene Leaks Going Off At Heckler Accused of Being A Porsha Hater.

NeNe Leakes goes off on a heckler who calls her a hater for dissing Porsha Williams during her So Nasty So Rude tour stop in D.C..

The Dish Nation show a clip of Nene going the phuck off. In the clip Nene says,  “You tell me when you see me hate on Porsha. Porsha moved in my neighborhood. I was by her side when she divorce her husband (Kordell Stewart). Bitch.. Please get your information right. You wan’t to know a real hater is.. watch Dish Nation bitch.

Porsha explains the situation on the show. “Apparently, someone called her a Porsha hater.” (9:10) mark.  Porsha continues ” [Nene] She went on there and got ratchet. Porsha says, “I do know one  thing she says to watch Dish Nation. Thank you girl.”

Porsha throws shade at Nene.  “The blogs are saying that I live in her neighborhood. But I did not know that. I know the last neighborhood that I have live in that she was renting there. Porsha says she has know idea that Nene loves in this one.”


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