Make Those Coins Boo! Keyshia Cole Will Announce Her New Deal, Label , And More.

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In other words, Keyshia says, “She is worth the wait.”

The singer has been super busy she is barely on the gram. Which I hope the singer finds time out her busy schedule and post new  pictures. *Wishful thinking*

Anyway back  in 2015, Keyshia sort hinted she may not be doing the independent route anymore. Keyshia Cole shares this message on social media.

keyshiacoleNot gonna Lie, I really did want to take the Independent route, I felt like it would be a awesome way to regain some independence. But, clearly that is not Gods way, I say that to say this………..

Keyshia will announce her new label soon…

keyshiacoleAlbum Complete , New Deal /Label (Official) Announcement Coming Very Soon, Back Doing Shows , Back Visiting My Favorite States and Cities , Newark see you tomorrow night .




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