Really? Wendy Williams Blames Mariah Carey Over Split From James Packer In Interview With ET.

Oh what’s the sound I am hearing in the background? Mariah’s Lambs ready to snatch Wendy’s wig off and burn in the fire. Wendy Williams shades Mariah Carey over James Packer in a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight.

Read below…

“Mariah, I told you he wouldn’t marry you,” Williams said while showing ET’s Jennifer Peros her massive closet. “I told you your antics would make him sick.”

Carey was engaged to marry Packer until their relationship publicly ended in October.

“Because of Mariah’s diva antics, I want to send her a box of cats, because with an attitude like that, no man is going to stick around,” Williams continued. “They’ll go out with you, but it’s not going to last. No man wants all this all the time. Tone it down. Put on a t-shirt. Get the wings. Eat with your fingers.”

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