Keri Hilson Rocks The Cover Of Rolling Out Magazine Talks Maintaining A Personal Life, Break From Music, Breakup With Serge Ibaka And More Ish.


The gorgeous Keri Hilson spills all from her break from music, hinting break up with Serge Ibaka an more while promoting her new film ‘Almost Christmas’ which is currently out now in the theaters.  Keri does a recent interview with Rolling Out.

You mentioned taking a break. So many people fell in love with your music and your brand and have missed you. How does it feel to know you’re so loved?

I will say it’s a really cool feeling to know people are anticipating hearing more of me and my popularity hasn’t really waned even though I haven’t released anything in five years. I am happy to know that people still care. Blogs still write about me. Photographers still show up at the airport. I don’t get it but I am so grateful.

When it comes to putting your personal life out there, how do you know what to put out? Have you ever been scarred publicly and determined to become more private in the future?

Yes, with relationships. I am here to talk about music and do music. I am not here to talk about what happens behind closed doors. That has become such a huge part of our interviews and what society wants to know about you … beyond the music. It feels really invasive. I will make different decisions in future relationships. When you put things on Front Street, it opens the door for opinions. It opens the door for wolves to attack. I certainly have been placed in that position where things have been written about me as it pertains to relationships that are so far from the truth. To me, that’s a personal attack. You can talk about my music all day, but when it comes to making up things and a character attack, I don’t take them well. It makes me want to be completely mysterious. You can’t really stop it though. It’s the climate we’re in.

As someone who is accomplished, what was the excitement or attraction for you, if any, in dating an athlete?

I think I am an exception to the rule when people think of R&B “divas.” I thought I found someone who’s also an exception. It wasn’t “enthralling” for me to date an athlete. It was on my list of “not to dos” — no rappers, no actors and no ball players. I broke my rule because I thought I found someone different … It wasn’t an attraction to the status and the money.


Back in 2014, there were rumors about the couple split click Here if you missed that.


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