Lil Kim Reflects On Her Debut Album ‘Hard Core’ And Shows Off Her Spanish On Social Media.


This is one of my favorite Lil Kim’s albums.

Lil Kim reflects on her debut album with XXL.

Here is what the Queen Bee says in her interview.

What was your main goal going into the album since it was your debut project?

I didn’t really ever have a goal. I loved music and in my mind, I was just displaying my art. I was only 16, 17 years old working on my first song and album. So I didn’t really have a goal. I was just doing what I love and displaying my talent, and working on music. I never had any idea that my first album would do as good as it did. I had no idea of what went on in the business side. I was just a little kid just trying to enjoy my teenage life. If you would’ve asked me if I knew I was going to be a millionaire by a certain age, I never would’ve thought that. I never even knew I was going to be as famous as I was, as famous as I am now.

The cover of Hard Core is classic. Why did you want to showcase yourself with such sex appeal?

I didn’t plan it. By nature, I was a very good model. I knew how to pose. I don’t know where it comes from. Even my daughter, she does things where I’m like, Where is she getting this from? I think it’s like naturally in our family. She just poses and not trying, it just comes out so sexy. I be like, Oh no, my little baby. This is good and bad at the same time. I think the girls in our family, we naturally move sexy, pose sexy. When I did the Hard Core photo shoot, I was just posing to do them. It wasn’t like I’m just going to pose and squat and show my kitty cat; that was not on my mind at all. For me, it was just being a model and posing in a cute, sexy way.
In similar news Lil Kim shows off her Spanish speaking skills and admits being a Spanish girl trapped in a Black girl’s body on social media.


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