Support Real Music Joe’s New Final Album ‘#MyNameIsJoeThomas’ Is Available On Spotify.


Listen and buy Joe’s new album #MyNameIsJoeThomas which in stores now!

This is Joe’s 12th …. and final album.

Joe says his new album is all about being emotionally sincere. He poured his heart on this project, and he says that’s evident upon hearing it.

“Many artists at times say that their current project is their best piece of work to date, however I can honestly say that this truly is not only my best, but one of my favorite discs ever”, says Joe. “I put my heart and soul into the creation and performance of this record and I can only hope that I am giving fans what they wish for in a Joe record.”

Listen to Joe’s new album on Spotify and make sure you purchase his album.

therealjoethomasTHANK YOU FOR MAKING US NUMBER 1 ITUNES!#MYNAMEISJOETHOMAS#therealjoethomas #noskips#soicanhaveyouback ❤️ click link in bio to purchase!



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