A Judge Issues A Temporary Restraining Order Over Von Miller’s Alleged Sex Tape.


Von Miller  trying to block a woman from releasing a sex tape shot in Cancun … and claiming she’s demanding $2.5  million. The woman name is Elizabeth Ruiz and I’m sure you seen here picture on the gram somewhere.

The Von Miller’s fans are showing her no mercy in the comment section  on her page.

elizabethruizxoWaiting for thanksgiving to come likeeeee…😈

  • noaah17Messing with a 100 million dollar super bowl mvp? hope your ass gets deported
  • calvino______Everybody on here cos of akademiks 😭😭😂😂😂
  • chachisaldanaHow your sex tape get denied by TMZ? They buy everything lmao
  • nate_rouaudYou stupid bitch!!! Fuck you cuntfuck!!
  • fvck_ballon😂😂😂
  • geemollymoY’all do know people knew about this before akademiks
  • jaguarclawDJ Akademiks
  • thekingthiagBitch show the tape or gtfoh
  • hell.trail.ro@jaguarclaw came from his video
  • darkchocolatedrizzzleI just knew everyone was gonna be on here clowning you lol. Go ahead and release the tape and ruin your own image lol
    • lebron.seanPeople like you are fucking disgusting, earn your own money without spreading your legs and filming it
    • outlaw.makaveliI ain’t even know I was following the thot
    • turbofitsDamn thottie but while at it follow my chiefkeef outfits page
    • xx.keenan.xxDamn it’s been 4 hours and ya ass still getting roasted by millions😈😂


Here’s an update on the situation.

A judge issues a temporarily order and sides with the football player and a temporary restraining order was issued.


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