A Mess… Derrick Rose Wants Rape Accuser To Pay $70K In Court Fees.


Derrick Rose and friends were found not guilty

In a civil sexual assault lawsuit brought against him by a former girlfriend.

The eight jurors, six women and two men, deliberated for three hours and 45 minutes before clearing Rose and two childhood pals of all three sexual battery, battery and trespass claims in the $21.5 million suit.

Click Here and Here if you missed that.

Now…Derrick Rose is seeking to recoup $70,000 in court costs from the woman who accused Rose and two friends of rape in a civil trial last month…..

The winner of a civil trial is allowed to ask the court to require the loser of the case to pay some court costs, which Rose’s legal team requested in recent court documents.

“After a two-week jury trial, unanimous verdict and judgment in their favor on all nine claims, Mr. Rose, Mr. [Ryan] Allen, and Mr. [Randall] Hampton are unquestionably the prevailing party entitled to the tiny fraction of the actual expenses they necessarily incurred in defending themselves against Plaintiff’s false claims against them,” the request read.


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