Gabrielle Union Addresses Advice For Single Women Backlash On Social Media.

Image result for gabrielle union and dwyane wade 2016 october

The’ Being Mary Jane’ star receive a little backlash after the actress dish out relationship advice in a recent interview.

Relax people I’m sure Gabby means well….

Here is portion of the interview.

She told The Grio, “If your type hasn’t worked for you in 40 years, guess what? Your type sucks! Time to change your type. Think outside the box! Maybe they’re younger, maybe they’re older, maybe they don’t come in the shape or size or color that you assume they would come in.”

The stepmom to four boys says women need to get out of their own way and open up to new options, saying, “But there’s so many dope people out there that if you open yourself up and get out of your own way, you’re going to have a lot of options. A lot more options than you think.”

Gabrielle Union speaks out on social media.

She says, ” If ur only gonna use snippets of an interview I give to incite hostility against me, at least let the ppl know about the WHOLE interview. After many failed relationships, I tell my whole truth. If you are interested in my actual truth, it’s there. I never offer advice with explaining my whole truth. I’m not that chick…”




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