Don’t Worry Sheree..Kenya Moore Cited For Allowing Shooting At Her Home Without A Permit.


Yesterday it was reported, Sheree has to pay a fine  Sandy Springs $1,000 for not getting the proper permits for a major housewarming party taped for the popular reality show last month.

She accepted the fine as part of a plea deal with the solicitor. Whitfield, who was on the show full time from 2008 to 2012 and returned last year, will also be under unsupervised probation by the city for 18 months to ensure she files for proper permitting in the futur

Kenya Moore is also in hot water..

Because of  Kenya Moore’s housewarming party was aired two weeks ago on Bravo as part of the season 9 debut.

Moore was cited for failing to appear in court this morning for her case but she called in at 9:30 a.m.. They rescheduled her hearing for December 2.

After the hearing, Whitfield deflected blame when speaking to Channel 2 Action News. “If there were cars on the lawn, they weren’t my guests. I provided shuttles.”

Her neighbor Good scoffed when she insisted she was a “good neighbor.”

“Ridiculous,” Good said. “Absolute bunk.”


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