In Bish Better Have My Money Edition. TIP Sued for Bailing On Graduation Party That Cost $390k.


TIP is accused of bailing out of a graduation party and is hit with a lawsuit.

That’s according to TMZ.

T.I.’s team lied to organizers of a huge graduation bash, and left them holding a $390,000 bag when he backed out on performing … according to a lawsuit.
Planet Productions says T.I.’s gangster reputation after a shooting at his May concert in NYC made them leery about him headlining a HS graduation party in Florida, but Tip’s agency reassured them everything would be fine.
According to the docs, the party planners took T.I.’s team at its word and ramped up advertising — more than $10k per day — to promote and sell show tix. A few days later, though … PP claims T.I. pulled the plug.

In similar news..

Back in August there were conflicting reports concerning the eviction of rapper T.I.’s restaurant ‘926 Scales’ from its downtown Atlanta location.

Turns out T.I. was being finessed….

According to a lawsuit uncovered by The Jasmine Brandthe owners of defunct Atlanta nightclub Vibe approached T.I. for a $1.7 million investment to clear out their old debt and reconfigure the night club into a restaurant, promising the rapper 75% interest in the net profits generated.

Instead they colluded with the landlord to change the locks and kick T.I. out.

T.I. has since filed suit seeking a return on his $1.7 million investment, all profits generated, an injunction to shut down operations and attorneys fees.


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