Kandi Burress Talks About Her Daughter Riley’s Father, Porsha Williams, And On ‘The Wendy Williams Show’.


Let’s go!

  • Kandi talks about losing her baby weight at the 0: 56 mark says the breastfeeding help her loose the weight and cutting back on the junk food.
  • Kandi and Wendy talks about Riley’s father Block at the 2:13 mark.  Kandi said she had no idea Block was suppose to be on the show.
  • Kandi continues ,”Well um they do this thing where they surprise you. You don’t know what’s coming and so I thought we were having a meeting on camera. And then walks Block’s girlfriend. I’m like what??
  • Wendy’s messy ass asked Kandi has Block gotten romantically with Porsha? 4:47 mark.
  • Kandi responds, “They used to date a long time ago,”
  • Block had mention on the show that he dated Porsha before. Porsha also told Kandi  that she hung out with theBloc.
  • Kandi denies Porsha and the threesome thing at the 5:43 mark.
  • Wendy asked Kandi, “Did Porsha ask you for a threesome.”
  • Kandi flashes a side eye at look at the camera (6:16 mark).  Kandi says, ” She kinda threw shade at me about something.. Oh they trying to make me look like an undercover lesbian. Well you kiss me in the club before so whatever I guess were in the same boat then. That’s when Porsha brought the threesome situation.
  • Kandi talks about Apollo’s new woman at the  9:21 mark.
  • Todd an Peter knew about Apollo’s new bae. She came by one of the events.
  • Wendy thinks Apollo and his new bae might have a spinoff show.

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