Mariah Carey Visits ‘ The Ellen Show’ Talks About Her Ex. James Packer And More.


In the clip at the 5:24 mark Ellen  says to Mimi, “You were in a highly publicized  relationship ad you were engaged. You were trying on wedding dress in the docu-series. We see the behind the scenes of that which is pretty personal…..”

  • Mimi says, “That was the whole freaking thing.”
  • Ellen ask Mimi, “How are you?”
  • Mimi responds, “I think I’m doing well.. Everything thing happen for a reason.
  • Ellen says, “James Packer is allegedly in Mariah’s new show.”
  • Mariah repeats “Allegedly”
  • Mariah continues, “It’s kind of difficult to talk about this moment so I’m going to compliment you on these decorations.” “Once again because they are fabulous.”

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