Dez Bryant Reads Josh Norman To Filth.

Between rolling around on the couch with a full belly after eating a delicious Thanksgiving Dinner. I did caught this foolery with Dez and Josh Norman.

Dez Bryant and Washington Redskins cornerback Josh Norman had to be warned by officials during the game because their words and actions were getting a little too heated in the second half.

 Dez Bryant had some words for Josh Norman after the game

“First off, Washington needs to get their money back. With Josh Norman,” Bryant said after the game.

“That guy is soft, man. He is really soft.”

“He was holding the whole night”.

“You supposed to be a lockdown corner, and you can’t even play man. … He was scared.”

On Norman not seeing the real Dez the last two times they played: “He got lucky. We could’ve roasted him.”

On what he said to Norman: “I was just telling him, ‘Washington needs to get their money back.'”

.The Cowboys defeated the Redskins (31-26).

This is not the first time Josh Norman beef with an athlete. If you recall Josh Norman and Odell Beckham feud.




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