Meelah Reveals What Finally Broke Up 702 On The ‘Ed Lover Morning Show’.

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702 needs to be on ‘Unsung’ on TV One…

Meelah from 702 does an interview with ‘The Ed Lover Show’.

Meelah looks back on her experience in the 90s R&B group 702, and explains what she realized they could have done better. She talks about working with Missy Elliott, and the tragic passing that struck one of the group’s members. She explains why, despite the fact that 702 was successful and producing hits on the charts, they never lasted past their three albums.

Click Here to listen.


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  1. […] Meelah makes a reflection post on the gram including her journey with frllow R&B group 702. In the post she mentions, . It’s just quite emotional because when you’ve come from a successful group and you were the lead singer people often assume this was your plan all along, “to go solo”…not my story…. The girls went their way and I went mine. But somehow my road always leads me back to the music. I say all this to say I can’t wait to bring you M E E L A H … my highs, my lows…in life, in love, in truth. Thank you soooooo very much to EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU who have shown nothing but love since day one!!! My cup runneth over!!! (P.S. I met with my girls Misha & Irish for the first time in 8 years about a month ago in Vegas#702, we had a BEAUTIFUL time!!! All LOVE, always) #Meelah #MeeAgainstMee […]


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