Word On The Street. VH1’s Dutchess And Ceasar From The Popular ‘Black Ink Crew’ Break up For The 80th Time.


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The tatted up couple Dutchess and Ceasar break up for real or nah?

If you are familiar with the show Dutchess and Ceasar “break up” and will be back together by the next season.

Dutchess and Ceasar got engaged  back in 2015 spent several episodes planning on their wedding which will not be happening soon.

VH1 costar Sky confirms the news on social media.

“Cease single now,” Sky captioned a video of herself and Teddy Ruks celebrating with Ceasar.

Dutchess even a Fameolous post on the gram.

I’m sure these two will be shady each on the gram…



  • dutchessofinkYou better know how to love you! Nobody will love you like you. As I sit here in tears I’m holding on to love I have for myself cause right now it’s really important for me. Living a public life is one of the most difficult Things, im trying to find peace, a search like a needle in a hay stack just know that it ain’t easy! Hope everyone is enjoying their holiday!!!!!!!


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