TIP Is Salty Because His Wife Tameka Harris Outchea All Up On Floyd Mayweather’s Egg Plant.

I don’t blame Tameka for this…

If TIP can have side pieces all over the globe and not respect the marriage. Tameka can have some fun too. Although TIP and Tameka need to just get a damn divorce and  call it a day. But hey it will be just too much like right.

It is not a secret TIP does not respeck Floyd Mayweather every since that little show down  click Here if you missed that..  Floyd is wealthy as hell and goes by the name “Pretty Boy Floyd”.  This will damage TIP’s  ego!

Back in October, At  Mariah’s extravagent Halloween party, Tameka and Floyd picture surface on the net. Tameka threw Mariah under the bus by  claiming Mimi force Tameka to take the picture…

Well here is an update on that…

Tameka and Floyd got way too close. Of course, TIP could not handle it. The rapper tries to shade Floyd on the low….


Image result for tameka harris gif

Image result


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