Azealia Banks Responds To Story About Her Cussing Out A Photographer At Court.


I’m sure Ms. Azealia Banks had a valid reason for pulling this stunt.

It’s been a minute since we heard from Azealia.

Azealia lay low after the drama with Russell Crowe click Here if you missed that.

Here’s what went down…

According to Page six reports, Azealia Banks nearly managed to get through a court appearance without a tantrum . . . till she cussed out a photographer who alerted her to the arrival of her ride.

“You’re a s - - thead!” the rapper squealed as she climbed into a SUV outside Manhattan Criminal Court. “You’re a f - - king a - - hole!”

“You’re welcome!” retorted the shooter.

Banks faces charges for allegedly biting a club security guard last year. In March she slapped photographers’ cameras as she left court.

Azealia Banks briefly explain what went down on social media.

I just left court you know the paps tried ya girl once more. was like “miss banks do you want to comment? ” under my breath I was like “go home” 😭
Side bar, I didn’t know my “rants” were making the international business times. Site looks legit , is it?
Let me know before I get gassed and think I’m getting written about by some scholarly publication. You know I love that intelligentsia shit. But if it’s a wob-bobber-duwop-a-bop-bamboo let me know too so I can chill.



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