Are You Excited Or Nah? Michael Baisden Show Premieres in January.



Well I am…

Back in 2013, Michael Baisden was kicked off the air and locked out of the studio.
According to the radio host’s Facebook page, he and his staff were locked out of Cumulus Studios apparently because the show and the studio didn’t come up with a contractual agreement.
He stated “just because we couldn’t come to an agreement is no reason to drive the listeners, our affiliates, and our advertisers of only 9 days to say goodbye and show our appreciation.” Click Here if you missed that.

Great news starting Monday January 16th, WRHD-2 The All New Fresh 97.9 Greenville’s R&B and Old School welcomes The Michael Baisden Show to the 3pm-7pm slot M-Fri. Brian “B” Paiz-Brand Manager for Fresh 97.9 commented “We are excited to have Michael Baisden joining Fresh 97.9″. Source

michaelbaisdenliveMichael Baisden Commentary: I’m Coming Back To Radio…Finally!

For the past three years I’ve written two books, two movie scripts, and I had the opportunity to live my dream of mentoring young men.

In September of 2013 a passionate young teacher approached me from Evans High School in Orlando. His name was Jarvis Wheeler. He said he needed help with a group of young men who were in jeopardy of being expelled, and I knew what the result of that would have been. I accepted his invitation and on the first day of class I promised them I would see them through graduation and pay for their college tuition.

I kept my promise for two years, missing only 6 weeks in two years, often making up for those miss dates by coming twice a week. Mr. Wheeler and I teamed up with local churches, mentoring organizations, and education institutions to make sure our boys had the best chance at success. And I’m proud to announce that the vast majority of them graduated and are currently attending college.

Now that I have fulfilled my dream it’s time to get back to work! Radio is my passion. It allowed me to reach over 7 million people in 80 cities across the country to inspire them to live better lives, stand up for social injustice, and live their dreams of starting a business. And of course, we play the best music on the planet!

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