Blogger Fameolous Calls Out Karen Civil And Nipsey Hussle/ Nipsey Hussle Claps Back….


Now private Fameolous called out both Karen Civil and  Nipsey Hussle on the gram.

Wasn’t going to say anything about this because so many ppl who follow us and in the industry kisses this fraud ass bitch @KarenCivil ass but I have to now that she is playing with our money. @mr_camron was right when he said she’s a fake phony bitch! We are the only page/blog/ppl who dont kiss her ass so she is trying to get our page removed. It started months ago but the fake bitch recently tried to be our friends but we dont want to be friends so she filed a DMCA claim against our page last week. Days later our verified badge is removed. In order to get a badge removed you have to personal contact a rep at IG to have it done. With the badge you cant be deleted but without your page is vulnerable so she had them remove it so she can get the page deleted. It’s not coincidence that she and TSR are close friends. Both of them are trying to take us down because we better and dont kiss ass. But she dont know she playing with fire��Her client @nipseyhussle is from the same hood one of our investors are from so now she playing with Rollin 60s money. Just telling you guys now so when shit hit the fan y’all already know. The same bitch who recently sent the tea on @iamjuju , @mr_camron , @iamlaurenlondon and @nipseyhussle ��


Nipsey is not here for it.



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