Word On The Street..Evelyn Lozada May Return To ‘Basketball Wives’.

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Now I’m sure the new Evelyn will not be calling the women on the show “Non mutha f*** factor anymore. Evelyn has change her ways. She currently has her own show on ‘OWN’ called ‘Living Lozada’.

The former ‘Basketball Wives’ in Miami revealed she quit the she back in 2013.

Evelyn Lozada has fulfilled her contractual obligations as far as “Basketball Wives” is concerned, and now she’s ready for her own spin-off.
“I signed on to do five seasons and this is our fifth. I don’t really see me doing a sixth season,” she told the Huffington Post.
Evelyn’s previous VH1 spin-off with ex-husband Chad Johnson never aired following the domestic dispute that resulted in divorce. Though it never saw the light of day, Evelyn said that gave her confidence that she’s ready for own series.
“I know I can carry my own show, pretty much carried this one,” she said referring to “Basketball Wives.”

Word on these e-streets Evelyn may return to the show.

That’s according to TSR !!!!!

  • theshaderoomTSR Staff: Kyle Anfernee Instagram: @Kyle.Anfernee
    Okay #Roommates where all my#BasketBallWivesLA fans at? It’s no secret that Evelyn  took a break from#BasketBallWives to focus on other projects but it looks like Evelyn is ready to come play with the girls again because she’s BACK!!!
    The show is set to start filming next week and Evelyn won’t be a friend on the show she will be returning–Read More At TheShadeRoom.com

Don’t act like you forgot….

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