Serving Body! Sneak Peek Of Ms. Angela Simmons First Photo Shoot After Giving To Her Son.


Say what you want about Angela but babbbyyy her body is on point!

It is a shame because I’m struggling to get  my figure back after Thanksgiving.

From the collard greens, desserts, chicken, barbecue that’s all i’m listing. The struggle is real.

Anyway, Angela just had her adorable son and she is already back in shape.

Get it ma!

Angela shares a sneak peek of her  photo shoot since she gave birth to her son.

She needs to put out a book as well and get the fitness coins. Come on now.

I’m like this…

Image result

angelasimmonsToday was my very first photoshoot after giving birth. And I must say after giving birth a woman’s body changes so much. I think it’s very important for women to make time for themselves after having a baby. It for sure can be challenge to embrace the new you ! However the biggest blessing is having your child ❤️💪🏾 today was great ! Thank you to @allencooley@nikkrokkshair @mimijonline @sudistyle@Carmenmaximus for making me feel so comfy !!! Looking forward to seeing these pics 📸📷 #positivevibesonly #Blessed

Image result for tamar braxton snatch gif


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