Cam’ron Breaks Down Issues With Jim Jones, L&HH, UFC And Talks Dipset & TV Show On The Angie Martinez Show.


Cam’ron drops by The Angie Martinez Show and breaks down issues with Love & Hip Hop, Jim Jones and lawsuit with UFC. Check out the full interview.

At the 6:31 mark Angie ask Cam’ron about the ‘LHH’ lawsuit.

Cam responds, ” What it is with LHH is this so  is this basically so Mona been ask me to come on the show. I’m just never going to do that show. I’m saying Mona is cool. She’s my home girl. She calls me to partner up and do other TV shows. I’m not around to do business with her not saying that I would not do it in the future. But it was no point to partner up and we don’t have anything on the table yet. So basically what happen Juelz is on the show me and him talk. He did a favor for me and Cam did the scent for him. And the Ju Ju on the show so. But what happen is they exploiting me like I’m on the show every week. Cam denies being mad at VH1.

Cam says  “Hopefully it does not have to go that far and we can resolve it but they are not going to exploit me.”

When Cam says resolves he means cut a check.


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