Evelyn Lozada Confirms On ‘The Real’ About Returning To ‘Basket Ball Wives’/ Dwyane Wade And Nick Young Exes Will Be On The Show.


Well damn they may as well brought back Royce Reed.

Evelyn confirms she will  be returning to the show. She said this on the ‘Real’.

I know what everything’s thinking. Everyone’s like ‘Is she going crazy? This is her going backwards…. We really want to add substance and depth to the show.’

And…. Word on the street  Shaunie O’Neal, Tami Roman and Jackie Christie will return. However, Malaysia Pargo, Brandi Maxiell, Angle Brinks, Angel Love and DJ Duffey will not be back as official cast members on season six of ‘Basketball Wives’ LA. (TJB) spilled to the tea on her wonderful site.

Now here’s the part that gets interesting.

That’s according to TMZ…

Executive producer Shaunie definitely increased the drama with her new hires. Keonna made headlines when her pregnancy broke up Nick’s engagement to Iggy Azalea. As for Aja, she hooked up with Dwyane when he was allegedly “on a break” from Gabrielle Union.

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