R. Kelly Hangs Up Mid Interview When Asked About Past Sexual Assault Allegations.



If you missed the Huffington Post interview where R. Kelly walked away from when the interview… If you missed the story about Jim DeRogatis  talks about R. Kelly’s past sexual assault allegations click Here if you missed the story.

Kelly sat down with Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani today for an interview onHuffington Post Live, and the conversation quickly turned towards this debate. Modarressy-Tehrani read a tweet from a fan that said, “Would i let R. Kelly babysit my daughters? Fuck no. Would I play his music at a family party? Ya gotdamn right.”

Click Here to read.

It happen again this time R. Kelly did not walk away this time he hung up in mid interview.

It all went down when…

According to Star Tribune reports,

R&B singer still got in one last plug for his new album, “12 Nights of Christmas,” which he’s promoting in concert Saturday at the Orpheum Theatre.

The interviewer asked Kellz about his new Christmas album until things went left…

Q: Since there’s a wholesomeness to Christmas albums, people might wonder if this is an image thing with you. Did you think about how doing this album might fit your image?

A: I don’t really pay attention to that stuff when it comes to doing any types of songs. I do what’s in my heart, and that’s what makes a true artist. You don’t get into the politics of anything.

Q: But what would you say to someone who knows all the various allegations that have been thrown at you over the years, someone who thinks you’re the last person that should be doing a Christmas album?

[Publicist pipes in: “I’m sorry to interrupt you … ”]

A: I would say, “ ‘The 12 Nights of Christmas’ is out. Go get it!”

Q: Even after all the sexual charges against you, you really haven’t toned down the explicit sexual content of your other albums. Have you thought about that or wrestled with that at all?

[Silence; line goes dead.]


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