Deion Sanders And Tracey Edmonds Are Still Going Strong.


Although, OWN cancelled  Deion’s show back in 2015 click Here you missed that.

The couple is still going strong!

In Feb. of this year Tracey talked about her relationship with the Primetime in an interview with Essence.

ESSENCE: As co-host of “Extra,” you typically interview celebrities walking the red carpet. Tell us why you’ll be walking the red carpet yourself during Super Bowl week.

Tracey Edmonds: I actually took days off from work to take a vacation. I wanted to go to Super Bowl as a girlfriend. Deion and I have primary residences in two different states so we’re often traveling a lot back and forth. We have it down to where we don’t go longer than a week and a half without seeing each other but it’s a chance to exhale, enjoy the walk. No stress. No deadlines. It also gives me a chance to catch up with friends.

What events are on your social calendar and who will you be wearing?

I’m on-set until Friday. I’ll meet Deion out there [San Francisco] on Friday night. He’s got everything lined up. We’ll definitely be attending the NFL Honors awards and a couple of industry parties. Oh, and I will be wearing Ziad Nakad.

In recent photos on Deion’s gram shares recent photo of  gorgeous Tracey Edmonds. I wonder will these two get back on the reality tv scene or nah?


deionsandersMy Grown Woman@traceyeedmonds and Prime headed to Canton Texas to look for Property. We want Land & Private Lakes we already got the Love,Peace & Joy. I know I’m Stunting hard today and My Lady loves it so @_forgivemefather_ #Truth#PrimeMink #21reasons @welloffforever

Click video for sound
  • deionsandersI think @traceyeedmondslikes this property. Secluded 60 acres beautifully landscaped & treed 3 homes,a 4 stall barn,chicken coop,storage garage and the Peace that Passes All Understanding. #Truth



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