Zendaya Rocks The Cover Of Allure Talks”Spider-Man” Role, Cultural Appropriation, and Her Future With Disney.


Zendaya looks gorgeous on this magazine cover.

Here is portion of Zendaya’s interview on Allure magazine.

Zendaya never went to high school in the traditional sense. Though you could argue she grew up in a place where the cliques are much worse. “I’m nice and cool with everybody, but not a lot of people know me very well,” she says. She keeps to herself—a defense mechanism in a town where everyone wants something. “I have a very tight-knit circle.”

What she says about race.

A relative unknown, Zendaya was steering a national dialogue about race with poise and tact. “I got all of these pictures from women wearing locs. I made it my Twitter header, and that became empowering,” she says. “It became something very positive. It allowed us to talk about things that make us uncomfortable.” Rancic issued an apology. “There was a little girl for Halloween last year that was me from the Oscars,” Zendaya says proudly. And the world got Zendaya Barbie. “I think that was a big moment not just for me but for women of color,” she says. “It’s a step in the right direction. But we have a long way to go.”

Even now, Zendaya is grappling with guilt about her fame and has mixed feelings about her success. “I ask myself, Would I get the same opportunities—would I have this role or that role—if I were a darker- skinned black women? And the answer is no,” she says. “But the real thing is how do you take what you’ve been given and use it to better the situations of people that are your peers, your brothers and sisters?”

Right now, Zendaya is filming a second movie, The Greatest Showman on Earth, about a circus, with Hugh Jackman and Zac Efron. She has a new clothing line called Daya by Zendaya. She’s a face of CoverGirl.

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