Gilbert Arenas Trolls Laura Govan Over Child Support Cuts.

A mess…

Gilbert act a plum fool on the gram over this news.

Gilbert Arenas got a huge assist from the judge in his child support case … his monthly payments to his ex were just slashed big time.
Sources close to the former couple tell us … Gilbert’s child support checks to his baby mama, Laura Govan, will now be under $10k a month … a huge drop from around the $40k he claimed he was paying. Arenas has recently said he’s not as rich as everyone thinks … and apparently there’s some truth to that

no.chill.gilThis the only certificate my baby momma can get these days😂😂😂 #angermanagementcompletion can someone tell @50cent imma need that Gucci bulletproof vest becuz she’s about to (get rich or kill me tryin) #imabouttodie#inreallife is She MAD or NOT #thefemaleOJ Nicole brown my ass 😂😂😂 #ineedwitnessprotectionASAP



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