Jim Jones Deleted A Threat To Mona Scott Young Over Wendy Williams Interview.


Too late…

Jim Jones  responds to Mona’s interview on the Wendy Williams show.

  • jimjonescapoSombody tell this fat mss piggy dike pussy eatin homo having baby father keep my name out her pussy eating mouth @monascottyoung for I make my momma slap u wit a box of twinkies or I beat her at home husband punk hoe ass up lol and Tht would b for free I take that law suit on Th gin like a champ play wit me ps u should b Thankin my I saved ur life other thn Tht u was doin bad And lookin bad ol cigerette mouth wouldnd fuck u wit Th neighbors dick hope u got some brothers or nephews Tht love u so I have a reason to scrape 1 of them nighas up now back to th script on way to Th gym and we goin live.

#JimJones vs #MonaScottYoung (#loveandhiphop #lhh #lhhny)

A video posted by NEW ACCOUNT (SPREAD THE WORD) (@thejasminebrand_) on Dec 14, 2016 at 10:20am PST



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