Bruh? Did Gucci Mane Hinted Angela Yee Was Trying To Get With Him Back In The Day On The Breakfast Club The Power 105.


  • In the first part Gucci Mane talks about cloning rumors and his engagement to gorgeous Keyshia Kaoir.
  • Gucci revealed he has not spoken to Waka Flocka in 3 years.The door us closed for reconciliation.
  • 11:48 mark The crew mention how he never speaks to T.I or Jeezy when they’re in the same spots and he says they don’t lie each other, so no need to fake it and speak. “Speak for what? We ain’t got nothing to speak about… we know we don’t like each other. Ain’t no need in playing”.
  • At the 12:13- 13:57 mark, Gucci Mane never got a chance to see Shawty Lo (his good friend) before he passed. They were both convicted felons, so he couldn’t come by his house. Charlamagne and Envy speak on how how they were scared of Gucci when he first came on and no one’s been able to emulate that since. And then…
  • At the 14.56 mark Gucci Mane hinted him and Angela Yee had a history.
  • Gucci claims back in the day Yee was texting him what hotel Gucci was staying.
  • Gucci: She was on my di**.
  • Angela: Stop lying. I was not on your di**. We was cool.
  • Gucci: You did used to be texting me ‘what hotel I was at’.
  • Angela: That is a lie. Never. You must’ve got me confused with somebody else.
  • Gucci: You don’t remember when we did that interview a long time ago with Melyssa Ford and then you was calling me? That “Lip Service” isht. Stop it.
  • Angela: That definitely was not me. I put my life on that. There must’ve been somebody else in there. I would swear on my life, on my unborn child, I have never hit Gucci up asking what hotel he’s in.

Peep crazy Charlamagne and Envy reactions.

Sounds like it to me.


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