Keke Palmer Talks About Social Media Clap Back And More On The YBF Podcast.


Keke Palmer is the new Rihanna of social media clap backs!

The actress/singer does an interview with THE YBF about her clapbacks, Kylie Jenner and more.

Let’s Go!

On clapping back during social media drama:

“You see me clapping back because I’m a real person.  I don’t feel like just because I’m on tv I have to hold myself to the standard you think that I should.  I want everyone to stop believing and buying into ‘Just because you’re famous, why would you pay attention to me,’ and all these things that aren’t true.. “

On who LAUREN (Keke’s actual name) really is:

“People have a certain perception and it’s really hard to penetrate with something else. I’m a regular person with an extraordinary job.  It’s really not that deep to me.  You see me tweeting my fans because I’m a real person.  I don’t think I’m above anybody and I don’t think there’s anybody who doesn’t deserve my conversation if I have something to say…I’m really so sick of the fame thing.  I’m tired of people believing it.”

On what she REALLY meant by her Kylie Jenner social media post about beauty standards:

“It’s no disrespect, but this family is the biggest example of this which is, ‘I’ll do anything that they want me to do to get the attention.’ When people are saying ‘Yeah I love this,’ you’re buying into them saying ‘I’ll do anything to make myself the beauty standard’….We send a lot of different conflicting messages.  When was the last time we ever praised a girl for being natural [physically]?”


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