Cee Lo’s Samsung Smart Phone Blows Up In His Face.


Social media are quickly picking up on Cee Lo scary situation with his smart phone.

You should be aware about the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 situation.

Samsung has announced an expanded voluntary recall on all original and replacement Galaxy Note7 devices sold or exchanged in the United States in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and in partnership with carriers and retailers. Since the affected devices can overheat and pose a safety risk, we are asking consumers with a Galaxy Note7 to power it down and contact the carrier or retail outlet where they purchased their device.

There is footage of Cee Lo using his Samsung smart phone in the studio and the phone blew up in his face. Keep this man in your prayers fam!

Exclusive!! #CeelogreenIs Injured When Cell Phone Explodes In His Face!!!! Security Camera Footage from a recording studio where Ceelo green was working. His phone starts smoking then you see the phone explode and Ceelo collapses to the floor! Hope he’s ok!
#studio #cellphone #samsung



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