More Details. Shawn Stockman’s Alleged Mistress Speaks Out.

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Boys II Men member Shawn admitted he was caught out there cheating on his gorgeous wife of fifteen years..

The mistress has no shame and speaks out about the incident to The Jasmine Brand. With no phucks given…

I know this is old news at this point, & judging by the comments alone we’ve gathered that “nobody is checkin for Shawn Stockman”. However, as much as I’ve tried to stay quiet, & be dignified throughout this entire situation, it’s been truly disheartening to see this man admit half assed to his cheating. Having been in a FULL BLOWN relationship with this man for some time, it’s really difficult to sit back & watch him only half admit to what he’s done. Now, because I know him personally, & know him WELL, I know that he has the victim role mastered perfectly. I can only imagine what he’s further lied to his wife about. As I mentioned, I was in a COMMITTED relationship with him for quite some time

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