Rita Ora Loses $2.3M Cash Swindle By Accountant.


Rita Ora loses 2.3 million because of her shady accountant.

That’s according to the Sun reports, Fraud cops are probing claims cash was siphoned from a business in which the star, 26, had invested.

She is said to have “hundreds of thousands” missing.

Neighbours of the suspect claim he bought luxury cars including an Audi Q5 and a Mercedes-Benz, as well as a £20,000 Rolex.

Police are investigating how he can afford a £900,000 five-bedroom house in the South East, despite earning a relatively modest income.

He is said to have spoken of winning large amounts of cash while gambling online.

A source told The Sun: “Rita is one of several investors who it is suspected could have collectively lost £2.3million.

“She has all sorts of companies and investments within fashion and music, as well as businesses in the US and Asia, so it is a complicated ordeal sifting through missing funds.”


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