Lil Wayne Seeks Legal Action Against Martin Shkreli After Leaking the ‘Carter V’ On Social Media.

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Let’s see the last time we hard about the Carter V.

Cortez Bryant explained  Carter V delay and Cash Money drama click Here if you missed that.

Word on the street back in September, Birdman insists there’s no way Cash Money can drop “Tha Carter V” … because Weezy’s the one holding the master recordings.

Here’s an update on the situation.

Martin Shkreli  now has Weezy’s ‘Cater V’ album and even play it on social media.

Lil Wayne is  pissed.

According to TMZ, Shkreli posted this video of himself hyping up, and then playing a track he says is from Wayne’s legendary album. He boasts that the song is about him.
Of course, Weezy fans have been dying to hear anything from the album since October 2014, when it was originally supposed to be released. Wayne and Birdman have been in a standoff and legal war over the record ever since then.
A source close to Wayne says this is the real McCoy. We suspect Shkreli’s about to have even more legal trouble — in the form of a lawsuit from Cash Money or Universal Music Group.
A source close to Wayne tells TMZ … his camp is doing an internal investigation to find out if someone passed the song to Shkreli.

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