Bria Murphy Responds To A Fan Asking About Angel Murphy Missing In The Family Christmas Photo.


I love how mature Bria is responding to the fan’s question.

It all went down when Bria post a picture of her family  Christmas Photo  on the gram.

Eddie Murphy show off his latest addition to the family his baby girl Izzy Oona by girlfriend Paige.

A fan post this comment  on the gram.


Bria responds….

  • itsrifababy@bria_murphy Awww..Its jus sad she is missing out on all the love from this side…Eddie need to step up and fight for time with Angel…At the end of the day that is his daughter forever and ur sister forever.#Family1st
  • bria_murphy@itsrifababy he has love. Trust me. 😊
  • Capture.PNG

Angel Murphy’s mom is Spice Girls member Mel B.

  • officialmelb4 good girls well that’s what we told santa 😝



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