TIP’s Wife Tameka Harris Files From Divorce.

So sad..

The southern hiphop royalty  is officially over. Because Tameka Harris files the papers  earlier this month in Georgia’s Henry County.

I truly feel sorry Tameka since she recently gave birth to Heiress. But, I am glad Tameka is moving on with her life. Since Tip wants to be outchea being wreck less with his peen with random groupies. It is time for both Tameka and T.I. to move on. I know it will be hard for the kids but in time things may get better.

If you missed the couple break up rumors and other foolery. Click Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here to read the previous story.

According to reports,  The 41-year-old reality star made the filing at the Superior Court of Henry County in the state of Georgia on December 7.

DailyMail.com has reached out to representatives of T.I. and Tiny for comment.


2 thoughts on “TIP’s Wife Tameka Harris Files From Divorce.

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