Latavia Roberson Is Not Here For People Magazine Messiness.


Latavia makes it clear she is not bitter over Destiny’s Child but wants to put the focus on her book.

People Mag starts off on the wrong note with this title of the article.

LaTavia Roberson Says ‘It Wasn’t Pretty’ When She Was Dropped from Destiny’s Child: ‘It Led Me Into a Depression’

But in 2000, everything came to a crashing halt for Roberson.

“I never left Destiny’s Child. That is something that people say. But who would leave Destiny’s Child? That’s crazy! I was dismissed from the group,” she says. “It was very difficult because of the way that I found out about it. I hate even talking about it, and it’s been 20 years — but it is what it is. We saw the ‘Say My Name’ video on TV, and that’s how I found out I was no longer in the group.”

Even so, Roberson admits being ousted from the band took a toll on her.

“It was almost like a bad divorce — you’re no longer with your friends, people that you love so much. So that was hard in itself,” she adds. “And then being by myself at that time, when other aspects starting taking ahold of me. It lead me into a depression. And it wasn’t pretty, like at all.”

iamlataviaI would like to start off by thanking @people for the interview and opportunity. Things like that don’t always come easy so I’m grateful. However, my reason for being upset is because I was misquoted in saying I was depressed about being dismissed from group. With my book coming out, I will answer all rumors and questions people have about who LaTavia Roberson really is. I’ve sat back for years, and never said anything negative about the girls. But, for some reason, I’m always being portrayed as the bitter one…. Which isn’t true by any means. Other situations in my life is was led to my depression. Thank you to those who have supported me through it all and continue to support. Again thank you @people and I truly look forward to the print issue on Friday. 💋💋💋



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